What happened to Renee Zellweger?



When Renee Zellweger made her red carpet appearance at Elles Annual Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday night, She did not expect the public reaction to her new look.  She was hardly recognizable.  It is no doubt that the Forty-five year old actress underwent the knife, Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon explains.

Taking a close look at her before and after pictures it’s clear that her distinctive charming eyes underwent

a change.  She used to have a  hooding of her upper eyelid that gave her a baby-face.  However, the same hooding of the eyelids in a middle aged woman could be confused

with aging eyelids.  It seems that her surgeon has removed the eyelid skin in an attempt to rejuvenate her eyelids.  Dr. Simoni  believes that Renees Zellwegers eyes were her most iconic features thus removing excessive skin from her upper eyelid aka blepharplasty  were not in Renee’s best interest.   Moreover, Her chin appears to be longer and more square.  She may have undergone a chin augmentation either with an implant or with excessive amount of fillers.  The combination of eyelids surgery and chin augmentation could explain Renee’s dramatic makeover. Plastic Surgery is an art, Dr. Simoni Explains, one must look at each person’s facial features to plan the procedures correctly rather than text book criteria.

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