Need a hand(lift)?

BFRadiesseAs we age our first priority has always been to give all of our attention to our faces, neglecting the delicate skin on other areas of the body that give away our age instantly. It has even been said that to tell the age of a woman, don’t look at her face…look at her hands!

We’ve all heard the term “first impressions are everything,” and while you’re meeting and greeting through the busy season, putting your best foot forward isn’t what most people are noticing. It’s that hand you’re extending offering a holiday hello. At Simoni Plastic Surgery we make sure that your hands match the rest of your radiant glow with a hand lift.

Dr. Simoni uses Radiesse (a cosmetic filler) around unsightly veins, giving your hands that smooth, youthful appearance. The treatment can be combined with a photo light treatment to clean out the aging spots. The process taking no more than 15 minutes with nearly no down time, achieves that rejuvenated and healthy look that leaves a lasting impression.

We have included hand lifts with Black Friday Specials at a price of $1400 (a $2000 value). Call our office today to make an appointment, we’d love to give you a hand this holiday season.

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