Trade Wife for a New One

Plastic Surgery has become so mainstream that not only are people willing to undergo it, they now talk about it as if it is like trying a new hairstyle. But how about plastic surgery as a gift to your significant other? A lot of men tend to think so. Plastic Surgeons are noticing a lot of  husbands are willing to spend to get their wife back to looking like her younger, hotter self.
“There was a time, when my wife used to look sizzling hot. But after our first child, she has changed a lot. I wish I could get her back in  shape and feel those  curves, which made me weak at the knees,” shares  Tom Smith (name changed).
Tom is not alone. Many husbands share his hidden wish to get their wives to look younger and sexier, and they are willing to spend lavishly to make that happen. Today’s men seems to have no tolerance for how pregnancy and motherhood changes a woman’s body.
Flat stomachs are replaced by stretch marks and loose skin.  Firm breasts are now become either saggy or deflated. Dark circles hint of those sleepless nights of taking care of the baby. And these are just only a few of the post-baby effects on a woman’s body and health.
Nowadays, Husbands join their wives concerns of these changes. The trend of gifting cosmetic surgeries to their wives seems to have only just begun. Men usually explain their motive as helping their wives to boost their confidence, rejuvenate their appearance, and turn back the clock.
“No Longer a woman should feel her life was over after her child is born, twith our advances in plastic surgery  women can consider pregnancy and child birth just as ‘another step’ in their life. When it comes to keeping them in shape, it is nice to see their partners are supportive,” said Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon.
Getting a better self
Dr Simoni recommends, before going under the knife most women should rely on a balanced diet and exercise to fight premature ageing.
There are many, both surgical as well as non-surgical, procedures that can be done on different parts of the body. The requested treatment is the breast lift. The breasts of a woman after pregnancy tend to sag or deflate. The extra weight gain during pregnancy result in stretch marks. Tummy tucks for loose skin around stomach, liposuction for the get rid of some stubborn fat are the other most commonly treatments opted for.

 Face lifts 
Facial rejuvenating treatments focus on fighting wrinkles, dull skin and pigmentation, caused due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. These mostly are seen in a butterfly pattern around the eyes and cheeks. Non Surgical treatments like lasers and peels can help sun, hormonal, and age spots.

Another popular treatment is vagino-plasty, in which the skin and muscles in the vaginal area are tightened.
Interestingly, the increasing demand for these procedures is making them less taboo to talk about.
A controversial gift
Dr Simoni explains, fitness through correct and healthy diet and exercise before and during pregnancy, can help women keep their pre-pregnancy shape. Some even believe, pregnancy actually helps some women get better skin and  hormonal balance.

Dr Simoni recommends husbands who are considering cosmetic surgery gift for their wife, ensure that they do so in a sensitive and respectful manner. After all, how would you like it if your wife ran to the surgeon and asked him/her to get her a new husband?

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