FALSE allegations against Dr Simoni malpractice history

322_0046There is one individual that is posting false claims that Dr Payman Simoni has multiple malpractice judgments against him.  These absolutely false statements are made by an extortionist who preys on successful physicians.  She has tried to extort money from other famous plastic surgeons like Dr George Commons and Dr Kristopher Chang.  Now she is trying to blackmail Dr Simoni and Simoni Plastic Surgery for a huge sum of money.  She is using many different user names and portraying herself as different people.  However, she continues to post the same type of messages which reveal she is in fact just one person.  She is claiming to have had liposuction done and also claiming she has won a malpractice judgment against Dr Simoni.

Payman Simoni has two unrestricted medical licenses with clean records. These are public records and below are the links to these official sites to check for your self.

– Medical Board of California for Payman Simoni: http://licenselookup.mbc.ca.gov/licenselookup/lookup.php?LicenseType=A&LicenseNumber=94347

– New York Medical License for Payman Simoni: http://www.nysed.gov/coms/op001/opsc2a?profcd=60&plicno=224593&namechk=SIM

For all readers out there, it is important to understand that as wonderful as the internet can be, it can also be dangerous. Anyone can make a claim without the need to validate their claim. The best way to evaluate a physician is through state licensing sites that control, and authenticate their contents.

Dr Simoni is the cosmetic plastic surgeon to the stars! As a premier Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Simoni has been featured on national TV programs that include The View, Entertainment Tonight (ET) and The Insider, and has also been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world such as The New York Times, Forbes.com, OK! magazine and many others!

Dr Simoni is among the most respected plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and specializes in facial aesthetics.

For more information about Dr Payman Simoni visit http://drsimoni.com   testimonial page.

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