Duck Lips; How to Avoid it

As we age, our lips tend to lose some volume and thin out. Some people are born with thin lips to start with.  Lip injections are designed to bring fullness to the lips thus making it sexier and more youthful. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that lip augmentation rose by 49 percent in 2011, with over 25,000 procedures performed in the U.S. alone.

While lip augmentation is growing in popularity and is wildly successful, poorly done lip injections may cause the infamous “duck or fish lip.” Many believe that the duck lip is the result of too many injections.  However, the injection of even a small amount in wrong areas could result in abnormal looking lips.  Dr Simoni recommends a few measures to avoid the trout pout lip.

1-      Using the right material:  Using non FDA approved materials like silicon could be one of worst mistakes for the lips.  These fillers often cannot be removed and create a lifelong deformity.  Dr Simoni recommends Juvederm which is a soft and precise injectable.

2-      Using the right amount:  Over injecting as well as under injecting would cause a suboptimal result.

3-      Paying attention to the anatomy:  The upper lip should be naturally smaller than lower lip.  Disproportionate injections would alter the balance thus creating a “done” look.  Anatomical distortion by injections to the lip corners rather the middle of the lip  is one of the most common mistakes done by inexperienced doctors.

Dr Payman Simoni

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