The World Capital of Plastic Surgery

Based on a report published by USA Today, United States is the world capital of plastic Top_Plastic-surgery-world_USA_Brazil_China_KoreaSurgery.  Brazil takes the second spot in the number of plastic surgery performed per year.

However, if one calculates based on the rate of plastic surgery done per ca pita then South Korea should be the “Gangam Style capital”.  One cosmetic surgery is done for every one hundred Koreans    Greece and Italy follow South Korea as the highest rate in plastic Surgery done.

Looking at the the type of plastic surgeries performed, Breast implant tops US cosmetic surgical procedures.  Up to few years ago, Liposuction was in the lead, Dr payman Simoni a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, recalls.  For the nose job, The capital is an unlikely place.  Tehran/Iran is is the front runner, Dr Simoni explains.  China, Japan, and Brazil take the lead on rhinoplasty procedures over United States.

The USA has highest number in plastic Surgeon, 5950, and Brazil with 5024.  Just as a point of comparison China has only 2000 and United Kingdom 450 plastic surgeons.

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