Shirley MacLaine: “No More Plastic Surgery”.

Oscar-winning Shirley MacLaine, now 78,  was awarded the American Film Institute’s Lifetime Achievement this month. She is known to have a few love affairs with plastic surgey.  she underwent her first facelift 30 years ago. She writes in her memoir, “I never cared how I looked or how I dressed until I was about 50. My roles in films weren’t dependent on beauty. But in my mid-50s I noticed I was getting a lot of offers of grandmother roles and I didn’t see myself that way.  So I had my face lifted. Never do that in the middle of a love affair because it’s disconcerting to your partner.”

“And forget about having sex during recovery time. That’s the best way to pop your stitches.”

“I loved how I looked afterwards. I became quite enamoured of my face, and preferred to have dinner wherever there were mirrors.”

And about her famous dancer’s body:

“I’ve developed an ‘extended’ tummy, so I like trousers with a forgiving waistline. I went to a plastic surgeon and asked him if liposuction would help.”

“He said it wouldn’t — at my age he couldn’t get to the fat underneath — and I’d have to go on a starvation diet to lose my tummy. So I decided to relax and enjoy the reality that my dancer’s figure is gone.”

“The important thing now is to be happy and healthy.”

For those who haven’t recently seen MacLaine or didn’t happen to read her memoir, “I’m all over that,” which was published last year, here are some things she wrote on the topic of nip-tucks

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Dr. Simoni: About Otoplasty

Large, protruding ears can cause a person to be a subject of teasing and ridicule, resulting in self-consciousness and loss of self-esteem that begins in childhood and often extends into adulthood. Even mildly protruding ears may lead to embarrassment and discomfort.

Otoplasty is a relatively simple surgical procedure that reduces large ears to a more normal size, or reshapes protruding ears to lie closer to the head. Plastic surgeons often advise that the surgery be performed soon after the ears have finished growing, but they are still soft and pliable, usually about age five or six. At this age, children experience great aesthetic and psychological benefits. However, the surgery is effective for patients of any age. Candidates for otoplasty must be in good general health. Current or recent smokers may not be approved for the surgery.

Otoplasty involves an incision made behind the ear. The plastic surgeon removes skin, and may either remove or reshape cartilage. The scars are small, and stay hidden behind the ears. The procedure involves the outer ear only, and does not affect the hearing.

Dr. Simoni is a facial plastic surgeon who sees patients in his private practice of Simoni Plastic Surgery, which is located in Beverly Hills, California.

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About Dr Payman Simoni

Beverly Hills facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist Payman Simoni, M.D., heads one of the top medical practices for minimally invasive cosmetic surgery in California. Most clients see Dr. Simoni for his primary specialties: facial aesthetics and tumescent liposuction. The latter involves the minimization of wrinkling in the skin and the removal of fat deposits by injecting dilute local anesthetics and epinephrine directly into fat; this combination of injection ingredients removes many of the risks associated with older forms of liposuction.

A pioneer in the use of little or no anesthetics in the performance of cosmetic procedures, Dr. Simoni has expanded the options for patients who might run a significant health risk by using a general anesthetic. His vast training and experience have given Dr. Simoni skills in many related subspecialties, including rhytidectomy (face lift), rhinoplasty (plastic surgery of the nose), blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation), endoscopic forehead (brow) lift, otoplasty (correction of protruded ears), mid-face lift (minimal face lift for younger patients), fat transfer, skin resurfacing, and Botox and Restylane injection.

Dr. Simoni founded Simoni Plastic Surgery in 2007, after working as a Lifestyle Lift Surgeon at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center and as Director of the Facial Plastic division at Long Island ENT Associates, P.C. Because Dr. Simoni possesses licenses to practice in both California and New York, Simoni Plastic Surgery has offices on both coasts, one in Beverly Hills and one in Great Neck, Long Island. In New York, Dr. Simoni maintains professional ties to all three affiliates of the Long Island Jewish Health System (Huntington Hospital, Syosset Hospital, and Plainview Hospital) as well as St. Joseph Hospital (formerly known as New Island Hospital), which is a member of Catholic Health Services, in Bethpage, Long Island. Dr. Simoni also has privileges at Long Beach Hospital in California.

Educated in biology and Jewish philosophy and history at Yeshiva University, which awarded him a Bachelor’s in the double major in 1993, Dr. Payman Simoni later received his M.D. from Yeshiva’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He completed his internship in general surgery and his residency in otolaryngology and head and neck surgery at the University of Alabama.

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FALSE allegations against Dr Simoni malpractice history

322_0046There is one individual that is posting false claims that Dr Payman Simoni has multiple malpractice judgments against him.  These absolutely false statements are made by an extortionist who preys on successful physicians.  She has tried to extort money from other famous plastic surgeons like Dr George Commons and Dr Kristopher Chang.  Now she is trying to blackmail Dr Simoni and Simoni Plastic Surgery for a huge sum of money.  She is using many different user names and portraying herself as different people.  However, she continues to post the same type of messages which reveal she is in fact just one person.  She is claiming to have had liposuction done and also claiming she has won a malpractice judgment against Dr Simoni.

Payman Simoni has two unrestricted medical licenses with clean records. These are public records and below are the links to these official sites to check for your self.

– Medical Board of California for Payman Simoni:

– New York Medical License for Payman Simoni:

For all readers out there, it is important to understand that as wonderful as the internet can be, it can also be dangerous. Anyone can make a claim without the need to validate their claim. The best way to evaluate a physician is through state licensing sites that control, and authenticate their contents.

Dr Simoni is the cosmetic plastic surgeon to the stars! As a premier Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Simoni has been featured on national TV programs that include The View, Entertainment Tonight (ET) and The Insider, and has also been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines around the world such as The New York Times,, OK! magazine and many others!

Dr Simoni is among the most respected plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and specializes in facial aesthetics.

For more information about Dr Payman Simoni visit   testimonial page.

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L.A. Woman Dies At Hands Of Beverly Hills ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ Ehab Mohamed. Cosmetic surgeons are not plastic surgeon, be aware.

Beverly Hills Advanced Laser, Dr. Ehab Mohamed

Beverly Hills Advanced Laser, Dr. Ehab Mohamed

Los Angeles gynecologist presenting himself as cosmetic surgeon ,Dr. Ehab Mohamed, operated on 61-year-old Sharon Carpenter Nicholson ending in her death on the operating table based on a report from LA Weekly. 

Nicholson’s husband, David, was sitting in the lobby when strange noises began to come from the operating room. “About two minutes to midnight, I heard a lot of slapping, and the doctor calling out her name louder and louder,” he tells the reporter. “About 10 minutes later, his assistant came out, and –without looking me in the eye — said, ‘We have a medical emergency.'”  A $100,000 over-priced liposuction procedure ends her life.  The state medical board is now going after Mohamed for misrepresenting his credentials; allegedly, he’s only approved to practice gynecology.

Surprisingly, many do not know the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon.  Any kind of doctor can potentially become a cosmetic surgeon, a family practitioner, internist, or even a dentist.  Board of cosmetic surgery is not approved by the American Board of Medical Specialty (ABMS).  On the other hand, To be a plastic Surgeon a physician must complete an approved residency program training.  Choosing a correct surgeon for your procedure is one of the most important factor in achieving a safe and satisfactory result.  For more information on how to choose a plastic surgeon watch this video by Dr Payman Simoni. —->Video:  How to choose a plastic surgeon?

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Dr Payman Simoni Gives Plastic Surgery A Facelift: “No Anesthesia”

The artistic nature of plastic surgery attracted Dr. Payman Simoni Early in his training to this area of medicine. “I loved sculpting and painting,” says Simoni.

He has been constantly searching for ways to give his patients the most pleasing results with the least amount of recovery time and discomfort. Almost everyone comes in for a cosmetic consultation, are often looking to enhance their features with the least amount of surgery and downtime.

His internationally known facelifts are done only with local anesthesia, where the face is gently numbed and the patient remains sitting up and awake. The results are more accurate and natural looking but this wasn’t always the case. The taut facelifts of yesteryear were more common when a patient was lying unconscious on a table during a surgery. More guesswork was involved pulling the skin in the right direction to get the desired effect. If a plastic surgeon was off by a few millimeters, the end result was an unmistakable artificial look, provoking the inevitable comments about the awful facelift.

The tragic death of First Wives Club author Olivia Goldsmith, who suffered complications from anesthesia during a facelift by a well known plastic surgeon, inspired Dr Simoni to look for a safer way to do plastic surgery. He started modifying his techniques so he can do the same facelift procedure without anesthesia.

Immediately, women everywhere started canceling their facelifts their plastic surgeons. It got Dr. Simoni thinking how he could offer a “whole new way of doing plastic surgery.” Only later he noticed that the by-product of doing safer surgery was more accurate and natural results. Simoni aims for subtle, beautiful faces. His website has a gallery of impressive before and after pictures of patients whose smiles tell the whole story. Like a potter working with clay, his magic hands mold the features of his patients and push them closer to perfection. “We are perfectionists,” he says about plastic surgeons in general. After 10 years in practice, he’s also realistic that he can’t do everything.

Patients come to his Beverly Hills office from as far away as Japan, England and Germany seeking more youthful in appearance or with the right nose that complements their other features. His humble demeanor seperates him from most of other Beverly Hills plastic surgeons “You know, the best surgeons have less of a God-complex,” he says.

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