America is in love with bad plastic surgery

02_Botched_TVE_showasset_1600x900_1440x810_285366339601Reality shows have been the main part of our TV for some time.  It seems that the reality TV shows have been trending towards the negative aspects of the social world.  Housewives series, being one the most successful of all, is filled with nothing except jealousy, animosity, and hatred. To follow this trend, the E Entertainment TV have came up with a whole new plastic surgery show “Botched”.  The show is based on plastic Surgery gone wrong.  Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow from Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County are the stars of this show.

 We live in a society  heavily influenced by media and celebrity. It is undeniable why there is so much social stigma surrounding plastic surgery since Hollywood is well known to maintain beauty through the public eye. Almost 10 years ago there was a boom of plastic surgery TV shows.  Of those , a show called “Swan” starring again Newport Beach California plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow  made over people from head to toe involving aggressive plastic surgery. The idea was to get average individuals and transform them in to models and make them compete with each other. Going extreme was the rule as such giving a 28 year old girl a facelift.  The concept that plastic surgery can  somehow magically alter an individual is not the real truth of what cosmetic surgery can do.

For Dr. Payman Simoni, A Beverly Hills plastic Surgeon, plastic surgery is  to improve the patients’ own features and to allow them to maintain looking beautiful and to maintain looking like themselves at their best.  Plastic surgeons are neither a miracle worker nor Frankenstein that create monsters.

“Botched” portrays plastic surgery in the wrong light. The concept that there is an abundance of “botched” surgeries being done in America is a misrepresentation of the truth.  The term itself paints the wrong message to the world that untoward outcomes  are the result of a wrong doing, a “botched work” of  surgeons.  The premises of the show is to correct bad or rather “botched” surgeries of patients.   As we agree that the idea of helping patients to correct defected qualities is a good practice, we can’t help but notice the reoccurring exploitation of so called “bad” surgery in the media. 

Botched is another example of negativity infiltrating Reality TV.  In fact the thirst for seeing negativity by the viewers fuels this frenzy.  To display the true reality, Dr Simoni is taking a stance to remind the veiwers that there is an abundance of great dr.’s  who know exactly what they are doing and will give patients their desired results. 

The truth about good plastic surgery is that the patient will make improvements to maintain their own natural beauty. This excludes aggressive surgery that excessively changes a person to no longer look like themselves. The good surgery will improve features in a person to construct a more beautiful version of themselves and a more positive self image.  It’s another reminder that reality TV is not always reality.

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