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Need a hand(lift)?

As we age our first priority has always been to give all of our attention to our faces, neglecting the delicate skin on other areas of the body that give away our age instantly. It has even been said that … Continue reading

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What happened to Renee Zellweger?

  When Renee Zellweger made her red carpet appearance at Elles Annual Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday night, She did not expect the public reaction to her new look.  She was hardly recognizable.  It is no doubt that the … Continue reading

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America is in love with bad plastic surgery

Reality shows have been the main part of our TV for some time.  It seems that the reality TV shows have been trending towards the negative aspects of the social world.  Housewives series, being one the most successful of all, … Continue reading

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Botox Lift: Face and Spirit

Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed. Botox works to relax the over-used facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  If done correctly  Botox does not alter or freeze facial expressions, despite popular belief.  Botox can also be … Continue reading

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Black Henna May Leave Permanent Scars, FDA Reports.

A swirly tattoo which dates back to the ancient orient has been recently become more popular.   What has been advertised as “henna” tattoos actually use something called black henna, which may contain a chemical used in hair dye that can cause … Continue reading

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The World Capital of Plastic Surgery

Based on a report published by USA Today, United States is the world capital of plastic Surgery.  Brazil takes the second spot in the number of plastic surgery performed per year. However, if one calculates based on the rate of plastic … Continue reading

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Man sues His wife for Being Ugly wins $120,000

This incident took place in northern China.  Jian Feng, the man behind the story, divorced his wife and then sued her in court for being ugly. He was not only able to get divorced but also won $120,000. According to the report from PlanetIvy, Jian … Continue reading

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New Beauty Trend; Bagel Head.

The bagel forehead is the latest in the  Japanese fad underground culture of body alteration, highlighted in a Sept. 23 episode of “Taboo,” television feature from National Geographic. This bizzar plastic surgery procedure involves injecting about 13.5 ounces of salt water into the person’s  … Continue reading

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Trade Wife for a New One

Plastic Surgery has become so mainstream that not only are people willing to undergo it, they now talk about it as if it is like trying a new hairstyle. But how about plastic surgery as a gift to your significant other? A lot of men tend to … Continue reading

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Duck Lips; How to Avoid it

As we age, our lips tend to lose some volume and thin out. Some people are born with thin lips to start with.  Lip injections are designed to bring fullness to the lips thus making it sexier and more youthful. … Continue reading

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