Need a hand(lift)?

BFRadiesseAs we age our first priority has always been to give all of our attention to our faces, neglecting the delicate skin on other areas of the body that give away our age instantly. It has even been said that to tell the age of a woman, don’t look at her face…look at her hands!

We’ve all heard the term “first impressions are everything,” and while you’re meeting and greeting through the busy season, putting your best foot forward isn’t what most people are noticing. It’s that hand you’re extending offering a holiday hello. At Simoni Plastic Surgery we make sure that your hands match the rest of your radiant glow with a hand lift.

Dr. Simoni uses Radiesse (a cosmetic filler) around unsightly veins, giving your hands that smooth, youthful appearance. The treatment can be combined with a photo light treatment to clean out the aging spots. The process taking no more than 15 minutes with nearly no down time, achieves that rejuvenated and healthy look that leaves a lasting impression.

We have included hand lifts with Black Friday Specials at a price of $1400 (a $2000 value). Call our office today to make an appointment, we’d love to give you a hand this holiday season.

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What happened to Renee Zellweger?



When Renee Zellweger made her red carpet appearance at Elles Annual Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday night, She did not expect the public reaction to her new look.  She was hardly recognizable.  It is no doubt that the Forty-five year old actress underwent the knife, Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon explains.

Taking a close look at her before and after pictures it’s clear that her distinctive charming eyes underwent

a change.  She used to have a  hooding of her upper eyelid that gave her a baby-face.  However, the same hooding of the eyelids in a middle aged woman could be confused

with aging eyelids.  It seems that her surgeon has removed the eyelid skin in an attempt to rejuvenate her eyelids.  Dr. Simoni  believes that Renees Zellwegers eyes were her most iconic features thus removing excessive skin from her upper eyelid aka blepharplasty  were not in Renee’s best interest.   Moreover, Her chin appears to be longer and more square.  She may have undergone a chin augmentation either with an implant or with excessive amount of fillers.  The combination of eyelids surgery and chin augmentation could explain Renee’s dramatic makeover. Plastic Surgery is an art, Dr. Simoni Explains, one must look at each person’s facial features to plan the procedures correctly rather than text book criteria.

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America is in love with bad plastic surgery

02_Botched_TVE_showasset_1600x900_1440x810_285366339601Reality shows have been the main part of our TV for some time.  It seems that the reality TV shows have been trending towards the negative aspects of the social world.  Housewives series, being one the most successful of all, is filled with nothing except jealousy, animosity, and hatred. To follow this trend, the E Entertainment TV have came up with a whole new plastic surgery show “Botched”.  The show is based on plastic Surgery gone wrong.  Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow from Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County are the stars of this show.

 We live in a society  heavily influenced by media and celebrity. It is undeniable why there is so much social stigma surrounding plastic surgery since Hollywood is well known to maintain beauty through the public eye. Almost 10 years ago there was a boom of plastic surgery TV shows.  Of those , a show called “Swan” starring again Newport Beach California plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow  made over people from head to toe involving aggressive plastic surgery. The idea was to get average individuals and transform them in to models and make them compete with each other. Going extreme was the rule as such giving a 28 year old girl a facelift.  The concept that plastic surgery can  somehow magically alter an individual is not the real truth of what cosmetic surgery can do.

For Dr. Payman Simoni, A Beverly Hills plastic Surgeon, plastic surgery is  to improve the patients’ own features and to allow them to maintain looking beautiful and to maintain looking like themselves at their best.  Plastic surgeons are neither a miracle worker nor Frankenstein that create monsters.

“Botched” portrays plastic surgery in the wrong light. The concept that there is an abundance of “botched” surgeries being done in America is a misrepresentation of the truth.  The term itself paints the wrong message to the world that untoward outcomes  are the result of a wrong doing, a “botched work” of  surgeons.  The premises of the show is to correct bad or rather “botched” surgeries of patients.   As we agree that the idea of helping patients to correct defected qualities is a good practice, we can’t help but notice the reoccurring exploitation of so called “bad” surgery in the media. 

Botched is another example of negativity infiltrating Reality TV.  In fact the thirst for seeing negativity by the viewers fuels this frenzy.  To display the true reality, Dr Simoni is taking a stance to remind the veiwers that there is an abundance of great dr.’s  who know exactly what they are doing and will give patients their desired results. 

The truth about good plastic surgery is that the patient will make improvements to maintain their own natural beauty. This excludes aggressive surgery that excessively changes a person to no longer look like themselves. The good surgery will improve features in a person to construct a more beautiful version of themselves and a more positive self image.  It’s another reminder that reality TV is not always reality.

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Botox Lift: Face and Spirit

Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure performed. Botox works to relax the over-used facial muscles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  If done correctly  Botox does not alter or freeze facial expressions, despite popular belief.  Botox can also be used to create some face lift effects” Dr payman Simonibotox-brow-lift explains.  In his techniques, Dr Simoni utilizes Botox to strengthen the natural facial muscles that fight gravity against the ones that help gravity.  Within 10 minutes office visit, one can have a natural brow or lip lift that once only could be achieved with hours of surgery.

Botox seems to help to lift ones spirit while lifting parts of the face.  Recently an exciting study found depressed patients who received the botox treatment were in a better mood after.  The theory is that Botox makes you stop scowling, which directly relieves your depression as feedback from facial muscles regulates the brain.

The Botox lift can create a beautiful brow arch while improving saggy eye lid skin. With age, the corners of the lip sag downward creating a sad or tired look.  Botox can elevate the corners of the lip while improving marionette lines.

botox has also gained popularity in eliminating under the arms sweating” Dr Simoni explains.  With one botox application, under the arm sweating can be totally eliminated for up to four months

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Black Henna May Leave Permanent Scars, FDA Reports.

fda-tattoos-A swirly tattoo which dates back to the ancient orient has been recently become more popular.   What has been advertised as “henna” tattoos actually use something called black henna, which may contain a chemical used in hair dye that can cause some serious skin reactions, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration advises.

The FDA has received consumer reports of some striking skin reactions after a black henna tattoo, including redness, blisters, loss of pigmentation, increased sensitivity to sunlight, and in some cases, permanent scarring. These reactions may happen right after the tattoo is applied, or up to two or three weeks later.

-fda-tattoo-marks-237p_Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair or fingernails. What many don’t realize is that black henna is not actually henna, or at least not entirely. Traditional henna is reddish-brown in color, and is made from a flowering plant of the same name that grows in tropical and subtropical regions in Africa, southern Asia and parts of northern Australia.

“The main difference between regular henna and ‘black’ henna is that a mix of other ingredients with henna is used to darken the color of the temporary tattoo,” said FDA spokeswoman Tamara Ward in an email. “Ingredients may include coal-tar hair dye containing p-phenylenediamine (PPD), an ingredient that can cause dangerous skin reactions in some people.”

“You may see ‘black henna’ used in places such as temporary tattoo kiosks at beaches, boardwalks, and other holiday destinations, as well as in some ethnic or specialty shops,” Ward says. “Depending on where you are, though, it’s possible no one is checking to make sure the artist is following safe practices or even knows what may be harmful to consumers.” That’s because not all states have laws or regulations overseeing temporary tattoos.

One way to spot a shop that uses black henna: Adding the PPD makes the tattoo darker and longer-lasting. A real henna tattoo, on the other hand, will be red when it’s painted on, fading to brown on the skin as it dries, and it will only last a few days — so be wary of a shop that advertises tattoos that last longer than that.

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The World Capital of Plastic Surgery

Based on a report published by USA Today, United States is the world capital of plastic Top_Plastic-surgery-world_USA_Brazil_China_KoreaSurgery.  Brazil takes the second spot in the number of plastic surgery performed per year.

However, if one calculates based on the rate of plastic surgery done per ca pita then South Korea should be the “Gangam Style capital”.  One cosmetic surgery is done for every one hundred Koreans    Greece and Italy follow South Korea as the highest rate in plastic Surgery done.

Looking at the the type of plastic surgeries performed, Breast implant tops US cosmetic surgical procedures.  Up to few years ago, Liposuction was in the lead, Dr payman Simoni a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, recalls.  For the nose job, The capital is an unlikely place.  Tehran/Iran is is the front runner, Dr Simoni explains.  China, Japan, and Brazil take the lead on rhinoplasty procedures over United States.

The USA has highest number in plastic Surgeon, 5950, and Brazil with 5024.  Just as a point of comparison China has only 2000 and United Kingdom 450 plastic surgeons.

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Man sues His wife for Being Ugly wins $120,000

This incident took place in northern China.  Jian Feng, the man behind the story, divorced his wife and then sued her in court for being ugly. He was not only able to get divorced but also won $120,000.

According to the report from PlanetIvy, Jian Feng’s problem reportedly started when his wife gave birth to a baby girl.  He considered the baby girl “ugly” to the point of being horrifying and who apparently did not resemble either parent.   he presumed that his wife was having an affair with another man and that the child was not his. 

It turns out that the Feng was the real father.  Jian Feng later discovered that his wife had gone to Korea before her marriage to undergo plastic surgeries to transform her face and spent a whopping $100,000 on her surgeries. After the surgeries, she actually became beautiful and trapped Feng in her looks.

Feng then filed for divorce and sued his wife in a Chinese court, claiming that she got him to marry her under false pretenses due to her appearance. A judge agreed and awarded Feng $120,000 in damages.

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New Beauty Trend; Bagel Head.

The bagel forehead is the latest in the  Japanese fad underground culture of body alteration, highlighted in a Sept. 23 episode of “Taboo,” television feature from National Geographic.

This bizzar plastic surgery procedure involves injecting about 13.5 ounces of salt water into the person’s  forehead to form a huge lump, then pressing a thumb in the middle to create an indent. The process takes about two hours, and the swelling goes down in a day.

In a 2009 interview by Vice with the bagel head innovator,  Ryoichi “Keroppy” Maeda, the  artist explained the bagel head look and other forms of physical modification are about  in

“Well, you know, people who like extreme body modification want to find their  own way of doing things, and they’re always looking for new ways to do that,” Maeda explained to Vice.

“The more progressive the scene gets, the more these people have to  experiment and go their own way.” He added that the injections, which last approximately 16 to 20 hours, can be done anywhere on the  body — including the scrotum.

National Geographic Channel

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Trade Wife for a New One

Plastic Surgery has become so mainstream that not only are people willing to undergo it, they now talk about it as if it is like trying a new hairstyle. But how about plastic surgery as a gift to your significant other? A lot of men tend to think so. Plastic Surgeons are noticing a lot of  husbands are willing to spend to get their wife back to looking like her younger, hotter self.
“There was a time, when my wife used to look sizzling hot. But after our first child, she has changed a lot. I wish I could get her back in  shape and feel those  curves, which made me weak at the knees,” shares  Tom Smith (name changed).
Tom is not alone. Many husbands share his hidden wish to get their wives to look younger and sexier, and they are willing to spend lavishly to make that happen. Today’s men seems to have no tolerance for how pregnancy and motherhood changes a woman’s body.
Flat stomachs are replaced by stretch marks and loose skin.  Firm breasts are now become either saggy or deflated. Dark circles hint of those sleepless nights of taking care of the baby. And these are just only a few of the post-baby effects on a woman’s body and health.
Nowadays, Husbands join their wives concerns of these changes. The trend of gifting cosmetic surgeries to their wives seems to have only just begun. Men usually explain their motive as helping their wives to boost their confidence, rejuvenate their appearance, and turn back the clock.
“No Longer a woman should feel her life was over after her child is born, twith our advances in plastic surgery  women can consider pregnancy and child birth just as ‘another step’ in their life. When it comes to keeping them in shape, it is nice to see their partners are supportive,” said Dr. Payman Simoni, a Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon.
Getting a better self
Dr Simoni recommends, before going under the knife most women should rely on a balanced diet and exercise to fight premature ageing.
There are many, both surgical as well as non-surgical, procedures that can be done on different parts of the body. The requested treatment is the breast lift. The breasts of a woman after pregnancy tend to sag or deflate. The extra weight gain during pregnancy result in stretch marks. Tummy tucks for loose skin around stomach, liposuction for the get rid of some stubborn fat are the other most commonly treatments opted for.

 Face lifts 
Facial rejuvenating treatments focus on fighting wrinkles, dull skin and pigmentation, caused due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. These mostly are seen in a butterfly pattern around the eyes and cheeks. Non Surgical treatments like lasers and peels can help sun, hormonal, and age spots.

Another popular treatment is vagino-plasty, in which the skin and muscles in the vaginal area are tightened.
Interestingly, the increasing demand for these procedures is making them less taboo to talk about.
A controversial gift
Dr Simoni explains, fitness through correct and healthy diet and exercise before and during pregnancy, can help women keep their pre-pregnancy shape. Some even believe, pregnancy actually helps some women get better skin and  hormonal balance.

Dr Simoni recommends husbands who are considering cosmetic surgery gift for their wife, ensure that they do so in a sensitive and respectful manner. After all, how would you like it if your wife ran to the surgeon and asked him/her to get her a new husband?

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Duck Lips; How to Avoid it

As we age, our lips tend to lose some volume and thin out. Some people are born with thin lips to start with.  Lip injections are designed to bring fullness to the lips thus making it sexier and more youthful. A recent study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that lip augmentation rose by 49 percent in 2011, with over 25,000 procedures performed in the U.S. alone.

While lip augmentation is growing in popularity and is wildly successful, poorly done lip injections may cause the infamous “duck or fish lip.” Many believe that the duck lip is the result of too many injections.  However, the injection of even a small amount in wrong areas could result in abnormal looking lips.  Dr Simoni recommends a few measures to avoid the trout pout lip.

1-      Using the right material:  Using non FDA approved materials like silicon could be one of worst mistakes for the lips.  These fillers often cannot be removed and create a lifelong deformity.  Dr Simoni recommends Juvederm which is a soft and precise injectable.

2-      Using the right amount:  Over injecting as well as under injecting would cause a suboptimal result.

3-      Paying attention to the anatomy:  The upper lip should be naturally smaller than lower lip.  Disproportionate injections would alter the balance thus creating a “done” look.  Anatomical distortion by injections to the lip corners rather the middle of the lip  is one of the most common mistakes done by inexperienced doctors.

Dr Payman Simoni

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